Selected publications

Finseraas, Henning, Marianne Røed and Pål Schøne (forthcoming). “Labor Market Competition with Immigrants and Political Polarization”, Quarterly Journal of Political Science.Pre-Print pdf


Finseraas, Henning and Andreas Kotsadam (forthcoming). “Does personal contact with ethnic minorities affect anti-immigrant sentiments? Evidence from a field experiment”, European Journal of Political Research. Pre-Print pdf


Finseraas, Henning (forthcoming). “The Effect of A Booming Local Economy in Early Childhood on the Propensity to Vote: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”, British Journal of Political Science. Pre-Print pdf


Finseraas, Henning, Åshild A. Johnsen, Andreas Kotsadam, and Gaute Torsvik (2016). “Exposure to Female Colleagues Breaks the Glass Ceiling – Evidence from a Combined Vignette and Field Experiment”, European Economic Review 90(November): 363–374. Working Paper pdf


Barth, Erling, Henning Finseraas and Karl O. Moene (2015). “Political Reinforcement: How Rising Inequality Curbs Manifested Welfare Generosity“, American Journal of Political Science, 59(3): 565-577. Pre-Print pdf